How To Install A Broken Tile Mosaic Floor

Published: 11th May 2009
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One of the most unique designs I have ever seen is broken tile mosaic. I decided to install this type of design on my kitchen floor.

Installing this type of floor takes time so make sure you plan ahead. It took me about 2 days to install the entire floor.

First thing you want to do is find the tile you like. I used a terra cotta colored tile. I installed this tile over my existing vinyl floor. Some people will tell you not to do that and some people say it is okay. It made to sense to me because the vinyl floor is a perfect moisture barrier and it is already in place. If you prefer to take up your existing floor that is fine.

When purchasing your adhesive, make sure the adhesive is right for the type of floor you are putting it on and the tile you are using. Read the back of the adhesive, that will give you the information you need. I used a thin set mortar for vinyl flooring and ceramic tile.

I purchased 12 inch tile, wrapped each piece in a towel and broke with a hammer. I then put the adhesive down. I only did about 3 feet at a time as the adhesive does try pretty quickly. After putting the adhesive down, lay your tile down like you would a puzzle with the flat ends towards the wall space. I put the big pieces down first, and then inlaid the little pieces.

Continue to do this until you have your pieces down the way you like it. You really can't make a mistake here as the tile is already broken and your puzzle design is pretty much the way you want it.

After the tile is down, grout the tile. It may take more grout than a usual tile floor because of the larger spaces between the tile pieces. I used Dorian Gray for my grout color. I thought it would look nice with the terra cotta color tile.

Let the grout dry for about 30 minutes, then sponge off the excess grout. A slight haze will appear on the tile but keep sponging off until the grout is not on the tile anymore. Let harden for another 30 minutes, then take a clean towel and wipe off the haze on each piece of tile. Let the grout harden for 24 hours then seal it. I used a high gloss sealer but there are other kinds of sealer so just select the one you like.

Let the seal dry and you now have a beautiful broken tile mosaic floor.

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